next-to-skin protection for professionals
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Armadillo Merino®

 Armadillo Merino® - merino body armour for professional risk takers

Armadillo Merino® specialises in next-to-skin protective clothing made from innovative knit fabrics that utilise the natural benefits of superfine merino wool.

The Armadillo Advantage

Armadillo clothing gives you a natural advantage in extreme environments.

Who Wears Armadillo?

Our merino body armour is worn by a diverse range of professionals facing extreme and challenging conditions all around the world.

Read their stories in PROfiles.

In Pursuit of Quality

At the Armadillo Centre of Excellence (ACE), we continue to design, develop and test our garments to provide you with the best possible protection, performance and comfort in extreme environments.

The Armadillo Merino® Range

For head to toe protection, see the 2014 collection.